Tuesday, 29 September 2015

4 Easy Steps to Fix Your iPhone Data Cables

Steve Jobs and co. have been spending a lot on phones and pads etc to satisfy their customers. But is seems like they always forget to make their data cables better. A lot of complaints have been received regarding broken data cable of Apple products.

This blog tell you how to prevent your iPhone data cables from breaking in 4 easy steps.
These steps can be done on all other chargers too. Specially the new iPhone chargers.

Reason for breaking:

The only reason for breaking the wires is the bend at the end. These wires and quite sensitive and should not be bent.

Things Required:

1. Data Cable.
2. An old pen having spring in it.


Get your iPhone charger right next to you. 


Get an old ball pen. It and take out all things from it.


Separate the spring from it.


This is a tricky step. Start wrapping the spring on your data cable until it looks like the picture below. Make sure you don't hurt yourself as springs are pointed. 

Tip: First open all the spring before wrapping. This will loosen the spring and make it easier for you. 

The Spring will prevent the bend to a limit. Which can prevent the wire from breaking.

Hope it works well for you.

Please do leave a comment if you are going to try this. Suggestions are appreciated.