Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Hack Facebook Account via Phishing (The Easiest Method)

Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends. Since it's launch, it started gaining popularity and now we all know how famous it is. Some do call it the heart of social media.

In this blog I am going to teach you how to hack Facebook accounts by using phishing.

Note: This blog is for educational purpose only. I am not responsible for your actions.


Before we start, we must know what Phishing really is. Phishing is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as user names, emails and password etc. by using a fake bait. 
It is not the only way to get someone's information, but it is by far the most easiest one.

So basically we will create a fake login site which looks exact like original Facebook. And then you have to send it to friends and ask them to open it. Once they put their log in details in the site, you'll get them. Where and how? Find it yourself in the steps below.


Now I'll guide you through the steps one by one in the easiest way. 


First of all download the file from here or 
What are these files? In simple words it is fake Facebook login page which looks exact like the original one.


Now you need to make an account on web host. Again in simple words, it is account where you'll receive all the details about the person you want to hack. There are many sites for it. I'll recommend you 000webhost. It is simple and easy to operate.

To make an account click here or http://www.000webhost.com/order.php

Something like this will open:

It's better that you start with second option 'I will choose your free domain'.
Write any thing of your choice. Like games4all  or footballfever etc etc. Keep it simple. What is this? It is the site that you'll be sending your friends which will open the fake login page.

Provide all the other necessary stuffs and click "create my account".


Open your mail and verify your account.


STEP 5:       

Now the main process starts. Find 'Go to CPanel' next to your domain and open it.

Something like this will open. Note your username. The password is same as you used to log in.


Scroll down and find 'File Manager' under Files and click it

Now it might or might not ask for user name and password. If not then good enough. If yes then provide the user name and password. (read previous step for knowing your username and password)


Window like below will open. Click 'public html' as highlighted below.


Now find 'Upload' between New file and Java Upload. Click the 'Upload' icon.

After clicking upload a window will open which will ask you to choose file. Click Choose File under Archives. Upload the same file you downloaded in the Step 1. 


After choosing, click the tick button on above it. Let the file upload. And once it upload fake login page is created. Tick again and then click back button.
It will look like this now

STEP 10:

Now send the domain/link you created earlier to your friends. I will prefer you to first try it yourself. Open the link/domain. Fake facebook login page will open. Note: Only you know it's fake. It look same as original. Once you type your login details and log in, it will come to your account. Check next step to see how to get the login details.
Where will the link open? It can open to any music/game site.

STEP 11:

How to check the login details of your friends? Go to public html again as in STEP 7. You'll see 'log.txt'
Click view in front of it as shown below

A window like this will open. Email and password are the details of user.

NOTE: It's not possible to send the domain via Facebook. You'll have to hide the URL for it. Use any URL hider. An example is below 

So this is how we can get someone's Facebook log in detail via phishing. I tried to guide you in the easiest way. If you're having difficulty at any step then leave a comment. Thanks.